Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It is with great pleasure that I announce that ECHO POOL has been appearing in one of my favorite book stores B2S. This is a fast growing chain of media outlets which is in a lot of my favorite places to hang out. First they are in Central Lad Proa, a place where I really enjoy going for lunch as it is close to my work. But they are also just down stairs from the ice skating rink at the new Esplanade (not sure of the spelling) which is very cool because the Coffee World there has FREE WIRELESS INTERNET. A basic requirement for me to visit any coffee shop.
B2S has 100 store and magazine corners in Bangkok and upcountry, with formats matched to markets and locations. The brand's slogan, "Enjoy your life, brighten your mind", sums up its diverse mix of publications, writing materials and entertainment media.
By far their best book store though is in CENTRAL WORLD in what used to be the old WORLD TRADE CENTER. This book store will rival even the mighty Kinokuniya book stores of Emporium and Paragon. Check it out! Need to know more about the B2S chain, click on their web link above and see where you can find them.