Monday, September 24, 2007


Hey Husker fans, you just witnessed a record setting day on offense from our quarterback. 438 passing yards in a game. How about 322 passing yards in a half. AIR HUSKERS!

So, why do I feel like I just looked into the crystal ball and saw the grim reaper laughing at me? We scored 41 points, and had over 500 yards of total offense. WOW. Could it be, and I'm just guessing here, but the fact that BALL STATE, a team I don't even know if I could find on a map, scored 40?

Fans of the red army, we are in for a DARK SEASON when it comes to our beloved BLACK SHIRTS. The booing at the stadium shows a real lack of class, but I know if I see a horror show I SCREAM!

Imagine what TEXAS or God forbid OU will do to our defense this year if Balls to the wall Ball state can score 40. 3-1, and I think about to have a MELT DOWN.

Perhaps my Nebraska friends, it is time for you to buy a copy of ECHO POOL and curl up with a good book. One that flashes back to a time when Nebraska football meant DOMINATION!

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! OFFENSE LOOKS COOL! Find us some PETER brothers, jailed or not, and bring back our BLACK SHIRT PRIDE!