Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thailand is in Political Turmoil

Please click on the title for up to date information about all the political unrest in Thailand. The PAD, truly are beginning to win this peaceful war on the government of Thailand. Often the western media portrays them as trouble makers, which makes me sick. These people are risking everything, they are giving up their time and for many their income to fight against one of the most corrupt leaders in the history of this nation. They are patriots, right or wrong, and truly believe in changing their nation by peaceful protest. Westerners stay out of this issue! You don't understand that they are trying to remove, from now forward, the powerful families who have put this nation in a strangle hold of bribery and corruption. 

So long as they can do it peacefully, my admiration and respect go to the PAD. Fight on Yellow shirts, change is coming.