Wednesday, December 7, 2016

LANGUAGE is POWER #English #Chinese #Spanish #language #

Language is power or rather communication is. It's language that is the vessel we use to traverse the barriers and distance between people, societies and individuals. I was excited when one of my students wanted to offer a class to First Responders in how to deal with English speakers who had been injured. We had a lot of fun working with them and sharing ideas on how best to assist the non-Thai speakers.
So how important is English in the world today? I was surprised actually, because everyone knows Chinese is by far the most wide spread language on the planet, but actually as second languages English is a dominant force. There are more than 603 Million people using English as a second language as apposed to the 190 million people who speak Chinese as a second language.
I know these are kind of random comparisons, but I will say this, in the world today language skills are opportunity keys. English is the language of business, especially e-business, and speaking it well can certainly be an asset to anyone.
Reminds me I better work on my THAI, which has become far too rusty.