Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The best part of living in Thailand for me is without a doubt the food. I'm not sure if there is any limit to to variety, because each province brags a slightly different variation on all of the standard dishes while also having some which are completely theirs.. As a farang, but one from Western United States, I love my food HOT. One mildly annoying thing is that because of the English who live here and perhaps the Germans, Thais have the idea that anyone who is white can not eat SPICEY food. Nothing could be further from the truth of course. For me, if I'm not sweating bullets and chewing on leaves to relieve the heat, it's not hot enough!
What is really amazing about Thai food as well, is the price. If you eat on the street a standard meal will cost only about $1.00 well $1.60 now that the BUSH ECONOMY has killed the dollar. But, even for nice patio or sort of posh neighborhood places you won't pay more than about $6.00 for great food and atmosphere.
Honestly if I had to pay a lot more Thai food would be a bargain because they have so much to chose from and all of it is tasty. I personally enjoy noodle dishes for the most part, but of course they have rice dishes as well.