Friday, February 1, 2008

Bandara Resorts

Recently my old friend Aoi got in touch with me asking if I'd like to do some writing for an up and coming resort and spa company. I wasn't sure I could really help in any way, but after meeting with the managment team of BANDARA and getting a tour of their Bangkok location, I really got a nice sense for what this company is looking to do and thought it would be fun to help out. This project for me will be just copy writing, and honestly that's about all I would have time for, but it will give me a chance to watch first hand a business which is about to double its locations and really make itself known in the Asian market. Right now they have 3 locations in Thailand, but soon they are looking at foreign markets in Asia for their expansion. This really will be fun for me. Please check out their lovely website, and if you have some time visit one of their resorts. From all accounts their best location is on the island of Samui, one of Thailands quickest developing islands.