Monday, February 11, 2008


This is almost the cover -- but the color will be different so you'll have to wait a few days.

February 13th is our scheduled release date, although technically the book will not be available in book stores for a few days after this. If anyone is chomping at the bit to get a hold of THOSE WHO HEAR, my fantasy novel, click the title above and place a direct order with Bangkok Book House. The price here in Bangkok is 350 baht and from what I understand shipping in the metro area is very inexpensive. This book is not a serious piece of literature, its a fun action adventure story that launches a series called the Journeys of the Astropaths. In all we have scheduled and I am working on 5 total books. Of course lets wait and see what the reaction to the first one is before we jump the gun.
The opening book is the guide to all of the books to come in that it introduces Cody Gallas and his special powers. If you are a fan of magic, adventure, or simply love books that offer you a chance to root for the underdog, Those Who Hear should be an addition to your book shelf.