Sunday, February 3, 2008

Journeys of the Astropaths

These were the rejected covers for Those Who Hear.

A writing project that I have been enjoying working on for the past year is about to finally come to print. The series of books that I have proposed to my publisher, Bangkok Book House, is called Journeys of the Astropaths. It details the life and times of Cody Gallas who has had a childhood marred by tragedy, but finds during these troubles that he has an amazing innate ability. The magic of the series is an anomaly that certain people are born with, a very rare group, which allows their brains to develop at a highly advanced state. They are called astropaths because they have the ability to travel with the use of their mind, communicate telepathically, and read the thoughts of the humans around them. They do have a vulnerability in that while they are traveling outside of their body to anywhere in the world, the body they leave behind is completely defenseless.
So it all will begin on FEBRUARY 13th and I am very excited to enter the world of Young Adult or Fantasy writing. It is such a different project from Echo Pool that I must admit I have no idea what people will say about it. I hope the teens enjoy it and that adults get a few kicks as well.
I will not give away what the cover will look like, but instead will show three of the rejected covers for the book. The publisher has final say in these matters, but Bangkok Book House is very open to the writers helping to design covers and help with the over all image of the books they publish.
COMING SOON is a NEW BLOG DEDICATED TO THE ASTROPATH SERIES, click on the title above and you can see where it will be and the early design.