Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Asia Books Brings in Those Who Hear

When I first starting re-writing the early chapters of Those Who Hear, a novel which actually was originally written in 1st person and I had to switch to 3rd person, it was at Coffee World in the Mall Bangkapi where I would work. I actually had no intention of publishing the story, but like an inventor who needs to tinker when there is nothing else to do, I found myself drawn to this old story and wanted to see if done correctly. In those days there was a shoe store across from Coffee World, but I usually sat on the railing which faced out across the vast exhibition hall of the mall. Here everything from cars to Chinese food might be being sold on any weekend and the variety of products and the lovely ladies who demonstrate those products was always creative inspiration.Now Those Who Hear is a published novel and I live far from this mall and make it there very rarely, so of course a fabulous new book store has come in across the hall. Of course Asia Books placed an order for THOSE WHO HEAR last week and so I am very hopeful that this book finds a home, a very temporary one, on the shelves of this lovely new store in my old stomping grounds. If you visit Bangkapi, please visit Asia Books new store and while you are there, pick up a copy of THOSE WHO HEAR. If they don't have it, DEMAND IT be ordered! Of course they should also have a copy of ECHO POOL in stock and if they don't, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!