Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nike Shoes are JUNK

I have purchased two pair of Nike shoes in the past year, one for badminton and one for basketball. I really can't believe how much more I paid for these shoes, especially considering the no-name brand shoes I'd bought before lasted twice as long. I am not a name-brand guy anyway, in fact I won't wear any shirt or slacks that shows the name of the company who made it -- what am I their spokes model? But I used to think with Nike you were getting a good value, boy was I wrong. This basketball shoe split like this after about 12 games. Which means I paid $9.16 per game for these gems. I can't believe the lack of value!
Sadly my badminton shoes, which are not pictured here, also split like this and it happened after only about 9 games. I think I'm done with the swoop! The imitations and copy shoes are just a much better VALUE!
Cheap Chinese shoes may not look as cool, but they work fine for me and they last a lot longer than these expensive American shoes which are made in China anyway.