Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Head Gash is No Cash in Thailand

The other day, actually its been a few weeks ago but I've been too lazy to write about it, I returned home after a very long and exhausting day of work. I was in a bit of a bad mood as I had just found a pimple on my chin. Now I'm old, and so for me to get a pimple on my chin is kind of rare. The thing is, it's damn hot in Thailand this time of year. I mean damn in the literal definition like borderline hell conditions. Most days it's about 90 + and we have 70% humidity but it just won't rain! But, like an idiot, I play basketball and badminton nearly every day in the middle of the afternoon and drench myself with perspiration. So this time of year you see blemishes sprouting on everyone -- who can battle all this heat. I mean I get a facial treatment every weekend, but still my skin is not impervious to these zit fertile conditions.

Where was I? Coming home, and I got out of my truck and was sort of looking at my zit in the side mirror of my truck. Then my favorite little kid was hanging in the doorway of our building playing with the maid, she is partially terrified of the tall goofy Farang and partially loves to wave and say 'Hello' before hiding her face in her mother's bosom. She's only about 1 and a half or so, so just cute as a button. The maid was lowering the sun screen which guards the front door in the late afternoon and this screen, basically a pipe with a tarp attached, came down right in front of me and CRACKED me on the head.

I had no idea I was hurt until the baby started crying. "It's okay honey," I said, trying to joke with her and tease her into a smile; and I almost had her there when a big streak of crimson ran down my forehead and into my eye. "Ahhhh," I yelled, "WHAAAAA" she cried. Both of us scrambled for out rooms.

Now, I have a hard head. I've tested this fact far too many times in my rather idiotic and violent youth. But still I was a little woozy on my way to my apartment. BUT, this is Thailand so you think I could sue over such a thing, Americans I know you do, but think again. Here it is truly walker or customer beware and so common sense rules. I walked into the pipe, it sucks and it hurt like a pipe to the head, but it was really my fault so no pay out will be forth coming.

Oh well, take a look at the idiot's head.