Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Review for ECHO POOL

Tom White, on the far left, is pictured here during an opening event in Aceh Indonesia. He is the acting chief there in charge of CHF which is rebuilding the infrastructure of this tsunami devastated island.
Tom had this to say about ECHO POOL:

Hi Sim, I am really enjoying reading Echo about page 160 or so, as Duke is about to walk out on Arraya. Its a nicely structured novel, and hits home about a story that is unique but close in some ways: the expat overseas, pondering the past, experiencing the right now, love, friends, trying to make way. There's also a piece of Americana in it, somehow the oddities of how we grew up in high school, the father and grandfather frontier experience...a lot in the mix told directly and simply. It makes me ponder things...

Thanks so much Tom for your support of my writing and for the hard and dangerous work you are doing in Indonesia. Openings like the one pictured above are probably the biggest reward you get for such a difficult job.