Tuesday, May 20, 2008

River Giants in the Mekong River

Photos stolen from National Geographic:
The city of Bangkok brags a massive river known as the Mekong. These river giants are the largest freshwater stingrays in the world. A stingray one tenth the size of these killed Steve Irwin with one freakish strike. Imagine the stinger on these babies.
What is very interesting is that Thai people not only boat, fish, and wash their clothes in this river, but they also swim in it -- especially once you get out of Bangkok in the rural areas it is common to see children frolicking in the murky waters of this mighty river.
I will say this, I will no longer go swimming in the Mekong. Of course maybe I would go jet skiing. Jet skiing with these giant ramps floating around could be awesome, I mean if you could catch one just right you could get some major lift. These creatures also mean that if you mess up and crash you could have a serious penalty.
One final thing about the Mekong, it also brags many other giant fish and in fact has the largest freshwater fish in the world. I always assumed the Amazon did, but even though the Amazon is much larger, it doesn't have the big giants like our Mekong.