Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prepare for Alians

Recently my life partner Nan and I revised our alien code. We have had a code since watching a few alien movies, and discussing the fact that if an alien invaded one of our bodies we would need a method of discovering the truth.

Now of course aliens take over people probably fairly regularly, but how can we know. It is my theory that they come into us, we act really really strange, but before they can be detected they depart. I have seen this or at least suspected it many times with women I've known during my life. They can be literally a different person for a few days, often not a person I can either understand nor dare too as they can often be very scary during this possible alien possession, and then back to normal just as suddenly.

Now we must be prepared. So Nan and I have developed a code. It is a three step code, which of course I can't tell you, who knows who is monitoring my blog. But I can tell you our old code. That one was "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "No, break up Christmas." Now this is an inside joke between us, but the point is, you need -- as a couple -- to come up with a code that only you and your life partner know. And then of course, don't tell anyone. Then the next time your loved one is acting strangely not themselves, ask for the code.

My philosophy is better safe than sorry! And when I say sorry I mean like a rubber snake like thing with fangs popping out of your stomach. OUCH!