Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar police block aid workers, food piles up

Earlier this year I did a couple of articles about the horror show which is Myanmar. The nation is completely crippled by a corrupt and extremely violent dictatorship known as the Junta government. When rich nations are hit by natural disasters, i.e. the US, chaos can accrue. Yet when natural disasters strike a nation like Myanmar it's not chaotic, it's a systematic genocide. The privileged over there are about to get new privileges in the form of aid relief donations. They are not only blocking aid from coming in from foreign nations or switching the labels on the aid to say the names of generals in order to win favor with the people they are oppressing, but in many cases they are simply stealing the goods and stockpiling them for their private armies.
I am never in favor of the US getting militarily involved in nations outside of their borders, but I am happy to report that the US is the leading nation in pressuring this self appointed government into making change. China and India, on the other hand, are acting negligently and must be seen as a big part of the problem in this 3rd world nation. China has so much influence in their neighbor country that they could easily put an end to the Junta with pressure or just a lack of support, but China says this is an Myanmar internal issue -- so then stop doing so much business and trade with this government.
The world has put blinders on when it comes to this nation for long enough. I am happy to see the US responding to this issue with serious diligence and some real diplomacy. We need other wealthy nations to get on board. They want freedom to vote, they want to form a government that is absent of military tyranny. We don't need to fight their battle for them, but we must try to find ways to help their cause.