Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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LOOK at this majestic photo I stole from Asia Web Direct. It displays the sprawl of Bangkok by night, but shows none of it's people. So the first thing people want to know when I tell them I live in Bangkok is usually WHY? But their next question is often, 'how big is Bangkok?'

So to answer this you must first understand that their are people seemingly everywhere in this city. If you live in Bangkok a test of this is simply, when you're out in public, stop for a moment and see how long it takes for someone to either walk into you as they finger at their mobile phone or deftly dodge around you as they finger at their mobile phone. Even in the suburban area where I live -- considered by many of my Farang friends to be the middle of nowhere -- chances are only seconds are going to elapse.

If you are a more mathematical person here are some numbers. In 2016 8.2 million people are registered in Bangkok, but the fun part of that is that during a work day the surrounding areas nearly double that number as their work force swarm these towers of commerce swelling the population to an estimated 15 million people. Believe me, if you've ever sat in Sukhamvit traffic you have no doubt that these numbers are accurate. More than 7 million people commuting through a city during a work day may seem impossible and at times it is.

How diverse is Bangkok? One of the reasons foreigners like myself love it here is the cosmopolitan feel of the city. Dominant languages spoken in the city would be Thai (of course), English, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Dutch and Japanese. Of course you'll hear may others, but these -- while journeying on the sky train -- would be common.

If you love the city life, Bangkok is one of the jewels of South East Asia. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you might want to look elsewhere for your next holiday.