Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been a Nuggets fan since my undergraduates days at METROPOLITAN STATE in DENVER. In those days I'd finish classes and, killing time before time to go to my night job at the Embassy Suites, I'd slip over to old McNichols arena and purchase an 8 dollar ticket and often you could even wander in and watch a bit of Doug Moe's practices. Alex English and Fat Lever thrilled us all while wearing arguable the most hideously memorable jerseys of all time. Even when Dikembe Mutombo donned that rainbow skyline it was anything but alluring, but so  extraordinary.

But let's face it, other than upsetting Seattle  when we were an 8 seed and they were a 1 in the playoffs, we Nuggets faithful have suffered through mediocrity and an over all  sense of futility. We have never won an NBA title and often our best players depart at the peak of their talent. No I don't mean Mellow -- Oh come on of course I mean Mellow.

But from a season of extremely LOW expectations and a feeling of basic futility to the super teams of Golden State, San Antonio, Houston, Utah or the Clippers, there has come a glimmer of hope. Smiling like a kid on Christmas morning, the JOKER is rising and bringing his teammates and fans with him on this journey,

Welcome Nikola Jokic to DENVER!  Let's see where this will go.