Monday, February 26, 2007

Four Lovely and Happy Graduates

It's February and the final days for seniors in Thai high schools. Of course many of them have been done since the moment their acceptance letters arrived from their prospective universities. It has been my third year teaching in the Satit Kaset International Program and I am pleased to say that this graduating class has suffered through me for three years. Most of them did not exactly appreciate my "no wrong answer, just those you can prove and those you can't" Western approach to teaching, but a few of them seemed to appreciate the freedom of explaining their own interpretations of the literature we covered.
These four young ladies were always very lovely and here they are offering me a flower wreath to give respect to their teacher. This is something the students do by their own accord and it is very appreciated. Considering how difficult teaching is, it is wonderful when the students give a little back to us. Of course they may have been giving it to me because my desk is a mess and considering the occasional lost sandwich or half consumed cup of coffee lingering beneath piles of papers, there can be a rather revolting odor hovering about at times.
The flower's fragrance is splendid and brightened up my day! Thanks Kwan,Chuleeporn, Wow, and Linz! You will all be missed!