Monday, February 19, 2007

Onion and His Friend

Her name is Onion (well it sounds much cuter in Thai) and no I don't mean the lovely young lady holding this friendly squirrel I mean the varmint. The Kaset Student who is holding the animal studies fish farming and informed me that she takes her friend Onion with her every where she goes.
Thai people love cute things and if you add in something that feels fuzzy and cuddly you have a hit. Of course there are laws and rules about bringing animals into restaurants or food establishments; however, in Thailand these rules are only for ugly animals and since Onion is not, this little guy goes where he wants. Without a doubt this young lady has a very Thai pet. If you want to know the girls name, then ask her yourself. She's not hard to find. She will be the girl mobbed with all the students wanting to pet her squirrel.