Friday, February 9, 2007


The best thing I ever did for myself in the past decade was cancel my cable. In truth Thai Television is the worst imaginable form of entertainment. I say this only if you are not a Thai TV producer who I have sent an application to write for. But it is horrible and made worse by my lacking skills in the Thai language. If I could understand better perhaps I could stomach the melodramatic rubbish acted out by over zealous amateurs in front of cameras which seem to have one technique mastered, that of the cut left close up on shocked expression.
Now, back to the good stuff. With no TV to watch I stole from my sister (thank God she doesn't read my Blog) several novels. By the way sis, mystery novels? Anyway, mostly I have been able to read more, keep the noise box and its giggle box laugh tracks out of my head. Very nice I think.
With no TV I do rent a lot of movies, but they are possible and so I can view completely at my own discretion. Best of the best is that I have not seen a commercial of any kind in six months! I am so unhip it's sick. I probably am not using the proper dental paste, fabric softener, cough sirup, or condoms, but I have come to realize that since I don't know what I'm supposed to be brainwashed into thinking is better than other things, the things I have are working fine for me.
No WHITENER on my skin please. Thai's love skin whitener as they pursue the birth rite that their heritage does not offer and that is Chinese white skin. So a multi million baht industry flourishes here as every girl rushes out to get rid of that BROWN and find the WHITE color for her.
Christ would they have a hay day with this back in the Politically Correct Labeling society of the USA. We must label correctly mustn't we. I am all for labels it makes it easier for people to hate me. I mean you can call me White, Whitey, Cracker, Honky, Bone Boy, and so long as you know I'm not from Mexico, Asia, or Africa you know I should not be trusted. Come on now, NEVER TRUST WHITEY!