Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sad News

Photo taken from flickr.
On the 1st of January I received and posted on this blog a very touching story from Michelle Hanson about her husband's battle with cancer. The article has gotten a lot of attention and people have asked about Dan her husband. Sadly I received this email over the weekend and the inevitable has happened far too soon. But at least they had their wedding together and this must have been the one thing he was hanging on for. Her email follows:

Dearest Jonathon,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you today. My Dan passed away last night, free of pain, surrounded by love, and with peace, with my arms around him. On the 19th of January we danced, we ate cake, we celebrated with our friends and family, and yes, "we made it to our night." On Sunday morning we left our honeymoon suite and Dan said, "I just want to be home in our bed." So, that is where we went...hand in hand. There is nothing that I can say to convey what is truly happening at this time, I'm filled with such emotion and anxiety and I fear that this hole will never be filled again...

Cancer is brutal, but Dan was full of grace, laughter, love and kindness...that is something that cancer can never take from you. He is missed...I wish you could have met him, you would have become fast friends, how I will ever survive this is unknown.

LoveStrong ALWAYS, and protect those that you lOVE.

Michelle Hansen

As I told her, he was a lucky man to have had her during this fight. God bless and may he rest in peace.