Sunday, April 27, 2008

The final day in Denver

Well all good things must come to an end I guess. Denver has been a wonderful stop during our journey. Now it is time for us to head back to Bangkok, so I put together a little video footage of our last day in the mile high city. First we went to meet my good friend and once business partner Dan Dinner at his country club. Dan is one of the guys who really taught me about life and business, and it was marvelous just to see him fit and doing so well.

After our visit with him we went down town for a lunch on the 16Th street mall and then we just cruised around the city a bit taking shots of different land marks such as: Tattered Cover Book Store, the train station, the Broncos stadium which used to be Mile High but is now some corporate thing, and lots of other famous places around down town. Then we went back to the Augustine mansion to wile away our day walking around the pond, sipping wine on the back patio, and then cooking a feast to enjoy for our last supper.

We really had a great time in Denver, seeing friends and family and a few familiar sights. Thanks to everyone who either hosted us, met with us, or put up with us during our visit.