Sunday, April 27, 2008

Miracle Buerger

Eli,Dave, Michelle, Karen, and Steve -- the Buergers.

Young Mr. Eli Buerger will forever be known as Miracle. Why is that? Well it's because over a decade ago, that's ten years for my readers in the southern states (just kidding Speedy), the doctors told Karen and Steve -- my first cousins -- that children were out of the question. In fact it was this news that set them on the path to financial success. I mean imagine a double income family, no kids, and not even having to spend on birth control. HELLO SUCCESS! It probably explains the giant house they live in out in the suburbs of Denver close to Boulder, it's truly a beautiful place and now it is the happy home it longed to be. Eli has brought a miracle to the Buerger family. As they say, "God works in mysterious ways," especially while in Mexico pounding tequila shots 'ey Steve!

So please watch this short photo slide to see Mr. Eli's premier. He loves the camera!