Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Still Hate Mexican Food

So I did get a comment on my I hate Mexican food article that made some very valid points about the quality and popularity of Mexican dishes. They said I may have just eaten at a bad restaurant and that I can't judge all Mexican food by one location. I'm open minded, so we tried again.
I now LOATH Mexican food. I can't understand how they believe sour is spicy. Tabasco sauce is nothing but vinegar and vinegar just should not be blended with anything other than a salad. I did enjoy the onions, but when they are caked in dried rice it fails to hold their natural flavor. Over all, frying the taste out of the good stuff and coating it with bland cheeses and less than tasty sauces, just doesn't work for me.
But what really bugged me is this: $47.00 for two people to eat food that can't be enjoyed. That is close to 2,000 baht for fatty, bland food. Ouch!

This was the best I could do to eat this. The food seems to become heavier and heavier once it enters your stomach and then it begins to expand expediently until you find your entire body bloating and stretching like a balloon being pumped full of helium.