Friday, April 11, 2008

I hate Mexican food

You know when people say spicy in the United States, where I am currently traveling, I often hear them follow this up with 'Mexican food you mean' and for years I would nod along and say 'Yeah I guess it is spicy.'

Well, during our journey over here we decided to try a Mexican restaurant while driving through the snowy mountains in Colorado. We asked the waiter, spicy please and please don't spare the peppers. But when our food came out it was so disappointing that we picked at if for a few minutes and then I ran back to our car to get our THAI ground peppers and THAI hot sauce. After we covered their fried dried beans, tasteless cheese, fried to rock like chunks of rice, and flower tortilla made of, you guessed it tasteless flower, with hot sauce we were then able to gag it down.

We tried three or four dishes, but failed to find even one that would qualify as tasty or spicy. I believe the reason people think it is spicy is simply based on appearance. They put big green chilies on the plate and wink at each other and say, 'very spicy you be careful there gringo and chinky girl' but in truth these are just for show. And what is really amazing is when they bring you a sour vinegary sauce and claim that this is HOT SAUCE. My over all take on the food is salty, bland, sour, and vinegary, and well not my style at all. Mexican fans, you want to taste some peppers that actually have flavor and that could actually clear your nose, come on over to Thailand where we pack more punch in one fingernail sized pepper than your jalapenos pack in a pound.
I will say that Mexican restaurants do have one very delicious item on the menu, and I believe it was called a Cadillac Margaretta. Other than the rim of salt which was a bit disgusting, the drink was fabulous.