Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Denver Hosts Matteo, Nhu, Dave and Chili

Nhu welcomed us into her home after we survived the blizzardy roads. It was wonderful to be out of the car, once I pried my fingers off the wheel. It had been a while since I'd driven in snow and I must say my nerves, especially because I was too cheap to pay for the rental car's rental insurance, were frayed. But the Augustines were amazing hosts. A good friend once told me that health is wealth and I can't disagree, but since I'm a starving writer I do have a belief that wealth is having wonderful friends who will take you in and not complain if you drink their wine and coffee -- you know the good stuff -- and sleep in their guest bedroom for 6 nights because you can't afford American hotel rates. Well, I have not got a fortune of my own to compare this to anything, but I have been blessed with magnificent friendships and I think it is better. Think of it this way, if I had wealth then I'd have pride which would not allow me to sleep at my friend's home. But, I'm basically destitute so this takes away a man's pride and replaces it with need. Having need allows special and magnanimous people, such as the Augustines, to give. We all know how wonderful it is to give. So yes it is true that we were freeloading while staying with our good friends; however, I like to think of it as, instead of freeloading, as giveoffering (offering them an opportunity to give).
It was a magnificent stay. In my next article we will have the inside scoop of DENVER, more photos of friends and the SECRET SEX LIFE OF CHILI the dog! Two Bangkok kids running around in Denver, what could be more interesting. So come see what trouble we managed to find.

Dave and Nan eager for the food.

Teo welcomes us.