Monday, March 19, 2007


Sunday morning, after a long night of howling and sniffing, these three dogs shamelessly expressed their affection in the street in front of my apartment building. It is one thing to enjoy a group love experience hidden within the veils of darkness, but these three were unabashed by the illuminating morning sun.
Many of the people who were going about their business were shocked. When I asked the coffee girl at the shop where I was surfing the net and trying to enjoy my coffee, she said only this: "They all seem to be smiling."
I think it is clear that although the dogs were happy, it was very embarrassing for those of us forced to watch this wanton display of sexuality. It was even more annoying that I felt my journalistic responsibility out weighed my prudish desire to just walk away and so I photographed them, and videoed them, wasting nearly 30 minutes of my day off. When will Bangkok Street Dogs learn some discretion?