Monday, March 5, 2007

Can You Read The Sign?

The Thais have come onto the anti smoking bandwagon! If you are a smoker can I offer you a piece of advice or you could see this as invoking a piece of my mind. Stop being a sucker! Stop spreading your stink to the rest of us! You want to die, that's a choice you can make because this life is your life to do with it what you want. But all your death is achieving is someone else's wealth. It sickens me to think of the Marlboro people kicking back and selling their addictive filth to any and all, laughing at the sheer stupidity of their customer. I mean come on, if you were playing poker with someone and all night they kept dealing you off the bottom of the deck and giving themselves aces, are you going to sit there and keep paying for that kind of suffering. Cigarette companies want you to live, not die, corpses don't buy their product, but they do expect you to suffer from withdrawal and cravings equal to if not worse than heroine for the rest of your life.
"Sim Lighten up! Smoking helps my stress."
Yes, it will! You know once all those cigarettes are through with you they will have ended all your stress, but before you go to your blissful grave let me hip you to the truth about your impending demise. You ever listen to someone with lungs filled with fluid gurgle a mixture of phlegm and air bubbles, because it's more grating than a fist full of nails being drug across a chalkboard until they snap. It's a grave soundtrack to a tragedy in which the hero will be laying on their back powerless. I'd like to take Marlboro's CEOs and tie them up and let them sit in a room full of lung cancer ridden patients on breathing machines. Now I know they are soulless, but even they might feel something if they could just hear… Just listen to them dying.
So you 13 or 14 and smoking? Well that's the age they shoot for with their cool image James Dean B.S. We real cool, we skip school, we smoke butts, we break rules. We think for ourselves once MTV tells us what it is we're supposed to like.
Smokers, stop giving your hard earned cash to the cigarette companies and cutting your throat slow.
My father died at age 67. He was as strong as a bull. His right hand nearly broke my thumb when he took his last gasp and let it go… Strong, yeah, my hero all his days. Gone, yeah, and from cancer? NO. From Lung Cancer! From Smoking! Don't believe any of their hype he had no history of lung cancer. He also didn't slip, fall, and land on a cigarette and start puffing. He became addicted at 19 during his military stint, no bullets reached him but that one.