Sunday, March 4, 2007


I love to believe that no matter what part of the world I am in that there are good people. Thailand is a nation where so many have come to work and I believe that part of the reason is the people.
The other day I was really having a bad day. I woke up early, but felt terrible--summer colds are the worst they say and its summer every day in Thailand--and so I left my apartment without my money. Of course, I discovered this fact when I had already received my coffee from these two young ladies. They smiled at my embarrassment and said, "Tomorrow is okay. Pay us tomorrow."
I guess this is a small thing, but I must say that if I was in the evil empire (STARBUCKS) then I have a feeling the response would have been a little bit different. I believe it would have been to have my coffee taken back or perhaps to have me stopped at the door by their security guard and perhaps have me taken out back and beaten. Not here! These girls allowed me my addiction and smiled and trusted me to bring them the money the next day!
So I feel it is important to point out that these girls are not only working in 90% heat every day within this canteen, but they work 6 to 7 days a week for 13 hours a day in it. If they work hard they get 250 baht a day. Why don't they quit? Easy. No visa. They are Burmese refugees who have escaped the bloodshed in their nation to work here. They are survivors and perhaps that is why they have the compassion to help a fellow working stiff out when he is having a bad day.
Good people. I wish I could do something for them, but in truth they are trapped by their Thai bosses to work for pennies while this little coffee shop rakes in a fortune a day.
We can't change the world, but being nice to one another and offering a smile certainly does go a long way to making us all feel a lot better.