Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Happening in March

Left, Ajarns Year and Speedy consider the true meaning of their lives.

The school year is long over and all our students are enjoying their summer break, but for the teachers and staff of Satit Kaset's International Program we still are asked to come in and work. Thai teachers are a hard working group and summer in this country, at least in the past, was just a time when planning and preparation could be done for the upcoming year. Now Americans like us, we want our 2 1/2 months off to gather our strength and sanity for the coming school year. It is a big adjustment to go from summer breaks which last more than 2 months to an April off and then back to work.
Most of us spend our day sitting around drinking coffee and talking about all the work we need to get finished before next year. I guess I blog a bit. Sometimes we take long lunches at the mall, but over all we put in our day and go home wondering what it was that we did exactly.
Thai companies believe if they are going to pay you then you need to show up for work. Seems fair really. But I think our American employment in education has spoiled us. Well April is upon us now anyway so 30 days of FREEDOM and then back to the grind.