Friday, March 2, 2007

Mike Has Been Forced to Retire at 65

Mike has worked in the movie industry and TV industry here in Thailand as a sound and music man. He is a talented musician and enjoys the challenge of laying down sound to make the film's images come more to life. He is an ENGLISHMAN, but unless he's had more than 3 of those steins of beer he's easy enough to understand. After 3 he slips into that thick British brogue about birds and rubbish and such. Even when we can't understand him he's good company.
Sadly for Mike he has been forced to leave his teaching job at Arpapirom in Bangkok where he has been working with children and sharing his love of music. Thailand has a strict policy about retirement and to work after the age of 65 is prohibited. He said it was a sad day when he had to stop teaching because 65 or not, he has a lot of energy. I can attest to that because I hear the music coming through his door at all hours of the night and Nan and I enjoy trying to guess just what kind of film he is putting the music to.
He has told me that he will entertain the idea of private tutoring, but in music only, because he doesn't enjoy teaching English all that much. He is a good neighbor and as a movie man he has a lot to offer in the technical aspects of sight and sound!