Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Chimes of the Chiang Dao Temple

I recently visited Chiang Dao and enjoyed the hike up to this mountain temple. What was shocking when we got there is the plack that told us all about the monk who first meditated in the cave at the top. His name was Lung Pau SIM and the n some really long Thai sir name. I found that interesting because in Thailand everyone just calls me SIM. I changed from Jonathon because it is pronounced very ugly by Thai people and it always made me feel odd to hear it, plus in Thailand everyone has a short 3 or 4 letter nickname and it makes life easy.
Anyway, the video is uncut or edited, just LISTEN and take a look at the peace and calm of this tranquel place. The view is amazing, but it was the sound that really put me into a state of creative inspiration.