Friday, January 18, 2008

Forwarded Photos and why they are so terrible

Lots of people like to send me cute photos of animals. I believe these are intended to cheer me up or make me feel a sense of temporary glee. I do appreciate this. Of course this photo only reminds me of just how isolated I feel at times. I mean look deep into this Kittie's eyes, this little fur ball is getting ready to slap one of these fuzzy brushes, none of which accept him or love him or share his ideas about film, but with three of these bristling one legged automatons confronting him, he just can't figure out which one deserves the claws first. I feel this way when I am in a crowd here in Bangkok being jostled and shoved, elbowed and poked.
I feel you my feline friend, my soul mate of soloness. We are truly alone among the brushes! Brushes bent on fluffing away our very essence and originality and leaving it their prickly stead, a sameness--uniformness--homaginizedness, that I dread more than death, more than a needle in my eye, or a ruptured spleen.
Thanks photo forwarder you truly have gotten my mind off of my problems with your little glimpse of joy.